Funding Opportunities

There are many areas to which you may designate your gift to Camphill Village:

The Annual Fund provides crucial support our many craft workshops, our farm and gardens which provide food and meaningful work; our homes, medical office, and Care Houses; our rich cultural life, our many therapies, our educational and recreation programs. 

The Future Needs Fund helps meet the retirement needs of individuals who are current or former long-term volunteers of Camphill Village.

The Social Fund supports the needs of our villagers while they are living at Camphill Village, especially for vacations.

The Hasler Fund supports the individual college educations of the children of our long-term volunteers.

The Alton G. Marshall Fund, named for a former parent and board member, supports our agricultural and land work.

Turtle Tree Seed Biodynamic Seed Initiative, the only seed company in North America that grows and sells only biodynamic seeds. Gifts to Turtle Tree Seed will help purchase much-needed supplies required to grow and sell our seeds to individuals and farms around the country.