Life at Camphill Village

Shared Home Life:Spring at Camphill Village

Located in rural upstate New York, Camphill Village comprises 600 acres of wooded hills, gardens, and pastures.  We are 240 people of different backgrounds, ages, and abilities: 103 adults with developmental disabilities, known as villagers, 97 long- and short-term co-workers, and 43 children of co-workers.

Camphill VillageWe live together as extended families in homes throughout the Village and in Hudson, NY.  A typical household has four to six villagers, two experienced co-workers, their children, and one or two younger co-workers. 

Together they create a loving and stable home, enjoy celebrations and leisure time, and share necessary homemaking tasks with each person helping according to ability.

Daily life in Camphill Village is based on active affirmation of the dignity, spiritual integrity, and valued contribution of each and every individual.

Village life provides extended family homes, interesting and challenging work options in various workshops, on the land, and in the homes, along with social and cultural opportunities.  A leader in biodynamic agriculture, Camphill Village’s gardens and farm reflect the cyclical aspect of nature that coincides with community festivals.  The Village is a model for sustainable living and social renewal.

Camphill VillageCamphill Village has two houses in Hudson, NY that offer our extended family of co-workers and villagers the experience of life in a small city.  The entire household volunteers at the Salvation Army kitchen serving meals once a week. 

Additionally, villagers offer their volunteer services at other city agencies such as the public library.  Still a member of Camphill Village, the families of the Hudson Houses attend and participate in Village functions regularly.