Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteer Benefits

There are a number of benefits to becoming a volunteer at Camphill Village: 

  • All volunteers receive free room and board. Each volunteer is given his or her own private room in one of the houses at Camphill Village.
  • Volunteers receive full medical coverage, free of charge; seasonal volunteers become eligible for insurance coverage after four months of service
  • Training is provided to all volunteers.
  • House and Craft Shop Leaders receive four weeks of vacation each year; volunteer service co-workers (including AmeriCorps volunteers) receive three weeks of vacation per year of service.
  • Volunteer service co-workers, AmeriCorps volunteers, and seasonal volunteers receive a small monthly stipend.

New Benefit

Volunteers have the unique opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college through enrolling in the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy – tuition free. After four years of practice-integrated study and a six-month internship, students will earn a Diploma in Social Therapy. A one-year Foundation Studies Certificate is also available. To visit the Social Therapy program's website, click here.