Please see below to answers to our most frequently asked questions.

For whom is Camphill Village USA not suitable?

Because of its physical layout, the open way we live together, our ratio of volunteers to residents, there are certain people whose needs we cannot meet adequately. Unfortunately, we cannot meet the needs of individuals with profound physical disabilities or serious, chronic nursing needs. Camphill Village is also not suitable for individuals who require one-on-one attention, round-the-clock care, or total physical care. Finally, we are not able to meet the needs of people with a primary diagnosis of mental illness.

For whom is the Village suitable?

Our basic admissions criterion is that the individual can meet the needs of our community, and our community can meet the needs of the individual.

The Village is suitable for people who can thrive in an environment where people want to work, and have the ability, health, and strength to do so. They may have an interest in farming or gardening, or perhaps they would like to participate in a craft such as woodworking, weaving, or candle-making. They want to be a part of a social and cultural community and can grow in independence and responsibility.

How long will an individual live at Camphill Village?

Placement in the Village lasts as long as the basic admission criteria are met: that the individual can meet the needs of the community, and that the community can meet the needs of the individual.  Many of our residents have made Camphill Village their home for more than 30 years. Health problems, behavioral changes, extensive care needs, or safety issues are some of the reasons someone has left us.

Do you have any vacancies?

Camphill Village maintains a waiting list. If your application is accepted, you will be added to this list.